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2008 Kansas Reads: In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, is a statewide project that encourages Kansas adults to read, discuss and experience the same book.  The project is sponsored by the Kansas Center for the Book at the State Library and promoted by Kansas libraries, bookstores, and others from January 29 through February 29, 2008.
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

In Cold Blood - by Truman Capote





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In Cold Blood - by Truman Capote

January 29 - February 29,  2008
A statewide reading project sponsored
by the Kansas Center for the Book!

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Selected by a committee of experienced
& qualified librarians, In Cold Blood
was chosen for its broad-based appeal
that could encourage & sustain
spirited discussion.


"K.B.I. Agent Harold Nye has speculated that Capote spoke to more people connected to the murder of the Clutters than did the Bureau.  These interviews took place as Capote spent the better part of four years tromping around western Kansas, amassing thousands of pages of notes.  This research, however, only accounts for an element of the book’s success, for Capote transformed it with a novelist’s imagination.  The result serves as a meditation on suffering as he dramatizes cherished moments from the last days of Nancy Clutter, the sleepless nights of detective Al Dewey, and the tormented thoughts of Perry Smith."

  --Paul Fecteau, Professor of English Washburn University, Topeka

Please use this site as resource for both personal & classroom information as
you read and study the book. You will find a wealth of material including study questions, classroom activities, related
graphics and much more!


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Can't read regular print?" Listen to the Kansas Audio-Reader Network broadcast of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood (ital) in February 2008. Contact Kansas Audio-Reader Network for limited CD copies of In Cold Blood.


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