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Kansas Notable Books 2006

2006 Kansas Notable Books - August 17, 2006
            - alphabetical list by title -
  • Airball: My Life in Briefs, by L.D. Harkrader

  • Capote in Kansas: A Drawn Novel, Ande Parks

  • The Darkest Dawn: Lincoln, Booth, and the Great American Tragedy, by Thomas Goodrich

  • Deputy Harvey and the Ant Cow Caper, by Brad Sneed

  • The Great Blues, by Steve Semken

  • A Hungry Heart: A Memoir, by Gordon Parks

  • In the Small, Small Night, by Jane Kurtz

  • John Brown, Abolitionist, by David S. Reynolds

  • The Kansas Guidebook for Explorers, by Marci Penner

  • Maggie Rose and Sass, by Eunice Boeve

  • The Moon Butter Route, by Max Yoho

  • Oceans of Kansas: A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea, by Michael J. Everhart

  • Ordinary Genius, by Thomas Fox Averill

  • Wildflowers and Grasses of Kansas: A Field Guide, by Michael John Haddock

  • The Youngest Brother: On a Kansas Wheat Farm During the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression, by C. Hugh Snyder


Notable Books List authors or their representatives who attended the
Black, White, and READ All Over Ball Friday, September 29, 2006
-- also recognized for their books at the Kansas Book Festival.

Left-to-right: Max Yoho (The Moon Butter Route); Steve Semken (The Great Blues); Elizabeth Hood (for the late C. Hugh Snyder, The Youngest Brother); Michael Haddock (Wildflowers and Grasses of Kansas); Jane Kurtz (In The Small, Small Night); Thomas Fox Averill (Ordinary Genius); Lisa (L.D.) Harkrader (Airball); Ande Parks (Capote in Kansas); David Parks for the late Gordon Parks, (A Hungry Heart); Brad Sneed (Deputy Harvey and the Ant Cow Caper); and Michael Everhart (Oceans of Kansas).

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